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About the Authors
  • Both of us grew up as farm kids; Hugo in Ontario, Doreen in Manitoba and British Columbia
  • Doreen taught elementary school for six years; Hugo is a trained social worker
  • For 18 years co-directed the Welcome Inn Community Centre in Hamilton, Ontario’s inner city (1971-89)
  • Both were ordained to pastoral ministry in 1980, and served the newly emerged Welcome Inn Church for 10 years.
  • Served as Denominational Co-Mission Ministers in Eastern Canada (1990-98)
  • Have now lived in the suburbs of Canadian cities for 18 years, pastoring, writing, speaking in various locations, and grandparenting



  • Are proud of our four sons and daughters-in-law
  • Delight in our eight grandchildren!
  • Are rich in family, faith, and friends from all walks of life, appreciate the gifts of many cultures
  • Love to canoe, hike, play scrabble, share stories