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For speaking engagements
  • Book readings
  • Intergenerational story-telling
  • Discussion groups
    • suburban life pressures/affluenza
    • planet sustainability,
    • environmental options
    • poverty/wealth
    • giftedness of those living below the poverty line
    • the shape of verbal witness in our culture
  • Classrooms – elementary, high school, and university settings
  • Banquets and fundraising events
  • Seminars/retreats
  • Sermons (e.g., “Good News to the Poor, Good News to the More Well-to-do”)
  • Sunday school classes

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For book orders

For Canadian addresses send $20.00 per copy (CAD)
For U.S.A. addresses send $23.00 per copy (USD)
~ all prices include postage and handling

Millrise Publishing
c/o Doreen and Hugo Neufeld
140 Millbank Close SW
Calgary, Alberta,
Canada T2Y 2E5

Books can also be ordered from MennoMedia.