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When I come to the Welcome Inn...

... I have fun
being with everyone,
but it’s more than that.
So many people have such hard lives,
and are so brave.
I see their bravery.
It helps me to come here and see that.
It makes me feel less alone.
It makes me feel like
I can get through the hard bits of my life.

Welcome Inn Participant, 2018*

* Welcome Inn Community Centre INNsights, Spring, 2018


The people here don’t walk behind me
or in front of me,
but they walk beside me.

A North Ender

Come with us as we revisit the Welcome Inn Community Centre and Church. Read more inspiring stories of resilient people working together to brighten an often unappreciated neighbourhood. Though the formal church has closed, the Spirit of love and hope has not left. Welcome Inn Community Centre continues to have a strong impact in the community today. Through stories past and present it comes alive in committed staff and capable participants. Included are life-changing stories told by volunteers and staff who are currently involved. Yes, after 53 years the North End lives on…..


The North End Lives On is a colourful glimpse into the life of Hamilton’s North End where the resilience of a community shines despite its disadvantaged label. Told with warmth, humour, and insight, we are challenged to see beyond the stereotypes of poverty. We are invited, instead, to explore God’s work in reconciling relationships that upend our notions of helping, and point toward justice.

– Derek Cook, Director of the Canadian Poverty Institute Ambrose University; Mennonite Church Canada representative on the Canadian Council of Churches Commission on Justice and Peace.


“You cannot help but be drawn into the continuing stories once again as Hugo and Doreen take us on a journey into the lives of the people in the book. The stories will make you realize how much the Welcome Inn Community Centre is part of the fabric of Hamilton, and how deeply it is needed today as much as ever.

I love that this book is about community and wellness. It’s also a reminder that while things are changing, human interaction is not different. Compassion and caring remain unchanged. This book is a bridge from a previous generation to a new generation. It will tug at your heartstrings, and leave you wondering what stories remain untold.

I like the name of this book: The North End Lives On. It speaks to who we are.”

– Tom Geiger, Chair of Welcome Inn Community Centre Board of Directors, Principal Consultant with GAras Geiger Automation



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