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From the foreword

Hugo Neufeld has done us a tremendous service. In this rich and deeply compassionate book, he sees those who are poor. He takes off his blinders – and ours… This book is the best kind of theology – incarnational theology that is rooted in relationships, encounters, and stories. Neufeld’s theology is about the biblical call for justice and shalom…                      
Sister Mary Scullion
Executive Director of Project H.O.M.E.

From the story, “A Cup Filled to the Brim”

“Like a hard-working asphalt street paver on a sizzling day, I found myself perspiring profusely. Yet it was not only because of the extreme heat in the house … poverty makes me uncomfortable … something is not right …
Suddenly I saw Conrad with those innocent, brown eyes, smiling and looking straight up at me … “Would you like a cup of cold water?”



Published in 2006 by Herald Press, and written by Hugo Neufeld, The North End Lives reflects on the 18 years he and Doreen spent living and ministering in the inner city. Here they discovered the enormous gifts of those living below the poverty line and the beauty of mutually giving and receiving.