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You are invited...

... to discover your own story as you read Hugo Neufeld's boyhood adventures in Just a Kid Without a Computer: Unformatted Adventures.

Stories fascinate me (from the Preface)

"They teach, they inform, they give perspective, they point out our inconsistencies and foibles. Stories celebrate; they articulate sorrows; they bring joy and laughter to an audience of one or many."

Sample Story Titles

  • The Glass Dog
  • We Can’t Let Them Die
  • Bullying
  • A Baby Hornet’s Nest?
  • We Don’t Want the Little Guys
  • A Boat That Could Float
  • Why Did Grandpa Have to Die?
  • Rain Barrel Escapade on Halloween Night


"The light-hearted anecdotes and the painful experiences, woven so easily with nuggets of wisdom, will leave you with both a smile and a pondering heart."

– Michelle Hunsberger, parent of two girls, Christian Education volunteer, teacher

"What a lovely and delightful and helpful set of stories! All of us are in these delicately painted pages."

– Abe Janzen, inspirational speaker and storyteller, Executive Director, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Alberta

"This collection of often funny, frequently nostalgic, always reflective stories makes me rethink contemporary living. Filled with interesting insights into our world, this book is a read I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see the lessons in everyday things."

– Darian Wiebe Neufeld, grandson, Grade 8 student, Kenilworth Junior High School, Edmonton, Alberta

"Hugo’s endearing stories capture the innocence, curiosity, and creativity of childhood. Just A Kid Without a Computer calls us to notice the glimpses of God in our lives, form families with a strong foundation of faith, and deeply care for the earth that God has created."

– Rebecca Seiling, parent of two daughters, author of Plant a Seed of Peace and Don't Be Afraid





Hugo's unformatted adventures continue